Chimaere - Çıralı - Yanartaş - Burning Mountain - Olympos

The Eternal Fire

The place is hidden in the forest on the site of Olympos, in Lycia, one of the most scenic areas of Turkey. Lycia stretches between Fethiye and Antalya on the south-west coast of Anatolia. The landscape is dominated by numerous, mighty mountain ranges. Olympos lies on an almost circular plain surrounded by mountains. But opens up to the vastness of the Mediterranean Sea. Here is the cult site of Hephaestus, god of fire and blacksmithing. He was a son of Zeus, his cult was places with earth fire. Yanartaş or also called Chimera is located at the end of the small holiday resort Çıralı, on a mountain slope. This never-ending natural gas flame has been burning for thousands of years and is also called Yanar in Turkish, which means flaming stone. Chimera is also the fire-breathing monster, the terrifying figure of the underworld, a lion in the front, a goat in the middle and a snake in the back. Detailed info and registration directly at the tour office ''Ali's Excursions'' in Avsallar Hotel transfer is incl.